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The gravity of security threats is not always clear to your employees, and an increasing number of security breaches are social engineering based. Social engineering exploits human vulnerabilities to try and gain unauthorized access to personal information. The COVID-19 pandemic saw a hastening towards a remote work model. With this came the increased need to implement highly secure remote access for a non-centralized workforce.

Workforce MFA and ID Verification in One Workflow

ZenKey’s Workforce Identity solution utilizes technology unique to the major U.S. wireless carriers to help secure your digital business assets. Our advanced solution enhances your organization’s digital authentication and identity verification of employees, contractors, and vendors to help protect against evolving cyber threats.

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Carrier Network Advantage

With ZenKey, there is no need to share your information with a third party during the Workforce MFA setup. Your preferred wireless carrier already has the necessary information.

Utilizes the infrastructure of the three major wireless carriers to enable a highly secure and unique possession-based security token.

Uses network signals unique to AT&T, T- Mobile, and Verizon for online fraud detection.

Easy Employee Experience

Eliminate multiple password friction for enterprise applications, with a multi-factor authentication solution.

A passwordless user-friendly login experience for your employees.

Cell phone functions as hardware security token with the binding of user identity to phone and SIM card that is difficult to manipulate by bad actors. .

Comes with ID Verification Flow

An expanding remote workforce presents the challenge of knowing off-site users accessing secure work systems are who they claim to be.

Choose from multiple levels of authentication and identity verification in one workflow.

Supports government-issued ID verification scanning and liveness detection checks.

Helps secure your organization’s digital journey in today’s remote access world.


ZenKey Workforce delivers multiple levels of authentication and new identity verification features.

Strong Authentication (MFA)

MFA-enabled SSO eliminates multi-password friction and helps secure remote and on-site workforce.

Carrier Network Signals

Utilizes network signals from wireless carriers to provide near real-time fraud alerts to efficiently secure your workforce.

Identity Verification

Flexible, scalable, and innovative digital identity-proofing solution. Friction-free and cost-effective solution to manage IT complexity.

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