Trust Services

ZenKey Trust Services is a suite of APIs and Event Alerts that offers unique signals and indicators sent from wireless carriers to businesses. These can be used to potentially detect and prevent fraud before it happens.

Get Protection from
SIM Swap Fraud

SIM Swap Fraud has already cost businesses hundreds of millions of dollars and the threat is increasing.

With ZenKey, fraudsters can no longer access your users’ accounts based on stolen credentials and a simple SIM Swap. Instead, ZenKey requires that new SIM cards and devices go through a robust recovery process that the user has setup beforehand.

In addition to these built-in fraud prevention features, ZenKey also offers a suite of APIs and event alerts that detects and notifies your business when a users’ SIM changes

Coming Soon

ZenKey is working on additional APIs and event alerts for release. Please contact us if you would like to talk to a product expert about ZenKey Trust Services or have requests for new features.

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