Trust as a Service

ZenKey offers four tiers of authentication strength and validated identities products, selectable on a per transaction basis. We deliver exceptional assurance and confidence in digital identity management solutions for services providers.​ 


Our products provide users multifactor authentication to log in securely, along with a higher level of identity assurance that can facilitate identity verification and protect sensitive online interactions. 

ZenKey Basic

ZenKey Basic offers a single factor authentication (AAL1) and secure sign-on with self-asserted attributes (IAL1), that are neither validated nor verified.

ZenKey MFA

ZenKey MFA strengthens existing logins and safeguards against account takeover with adaptive multi-factor authentication and self-asserted attributes. It provides intelligent login access and secures users from credential theft and cyberattacks.​ 

With ZenKey MFA, the mobile phone is the hardware token with immutable binding of the user’s identity to the SIM card and the phone itself.

ZenKey Verify 

ZenKey Verify offers an enhanced identity management platform featuring government ID scanning and liveness detection check capabilities to provide a higher level of identity verification and assurance to service providers.

It is a robust ID validation that helps brands know who their customers are through a seamless and secure onboarding process.​ 

ZenKey Verify+

ZenKey Verify+ provides a  complete identity security solution with third-party validation of scanned government ID, to deliver a higher level of identity assurance that can be used for very sensitive online interactions.

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