Privacy Statement

We want you to know what ZenKey does, what data ZenKey collects, and how your information may be used or shared.

ZenKey will help you conveniently log in to your selected apps and better protect you against fraud.

ZenKey empowers you to direct your wireless carrier to share the personal information you choose with companies you select. We call these companies service providers. Information you provide in this app is collected, used and shared by your wireless carrier and is governed by the AT&T Privacy Policy, and information you disclose to a service provider is governed by that company's privacy terms.

ZenKey may collect data about your mobile device or browser when you use this app to make sure the service is working for you.

ZenKey enables your carrier to use your account and device data to help protect you from fraud, such as by notifying service providers when there are indicators of potentially fraudulent activity. To stop your carrier from using your account and device data for fraud prevention through ZenKey, please remove the service provider from the ZenKey app.