Identity Services

Identity Services provides authentication and identity management tools to verify your users, using data derived from wireless carriers.

Our advanced authentication measures ensure secure registrations, logins, and transactions with every interaction on your site or app.


Combine our identity services features: Registration, Authentication, and Confirmation in various combinations.


Accounts created on apps and websites using our attribute sharing feature allow:

• Registration without forms.
• Control over which attributes are shared.
• Carriers to provide attributes to websites and apps.


At the touch of a button, users securely log into websites and apps that support ZenKey without passwords.

The ZenKey app is required for MFA, but not 2FA.


Users conduct secure transactions in real time by confirming their identity with a single tap.

• Add a confirmation challenge to high valued transactions
• Users have peace of mind that their online transactions are secure


Protect sensitive information and lower the risk of fraud.

Streamlined Protection

Offer account registration, login and transaction confirmation without usernames or passwords

Consumer Confidence

ZenKey-enabled apps and websites put your users in control of what they share.

Mobile Network Advantage

ZenKey has access to mobile network signals exclusive to AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

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