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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ZenKey?

ZenKey allows you to benefit from the unique capabilities of your wireless carrier, to more securely and easily log into your favorite third-party apps and websites. ZenKey uses encryption technologies in your mobile phone and mobile network when you log into third-party apps and websites from your smartphone, or from a personal computer or other smart device. No more remembering passwords... no more retrieving secret codes... no more sacrificing convenience for peace of mind!

Why do I need ZenKey?

ZenKey helps you avoid the process of creating and remembering passwords. If you find it difficult to register for a new account at third-party apps and websites, then ZenKey will simplify the process.

How do I use ZenKey?

Download the ZenKey app on your smartphone from the app store, then press the “Sign in with ZenKey” button on your favorite third-party app or website. The third-party online service provider may ask for you to consent for your carrier to share certain data with that third-party online service provider, in order to give you a better experience with their app or website. For example, saving you from the need to manually enter the same information. You are in control, so you will view the types of data the third-party app or website is asking for, decide what you would like to share, and you’re on your way to that third-party app or website – without entering any passwords!

Does ZenKey work outside the US?

Yes, when you are outside the US, using the network of a roaming partner of your US carrier, you can continue to use ZenKey to log into your third-party apps and websites.

Is the ZenKey app free?


Does Zenkey work over Wi-Fi?

Yes, ZenKey’s advanced technologies work even when you are on a WiFi network.

Do I need a password to use ZenKey?

ZenKey uses encrypted information on your phone to authenticate you, so there is no need to create a password to log in to ZenKey. You’ll create a PIN in case you need to recover your ZenKey account, or if a third-party app or online service provider you’ve enabled for ZenKey requests it as an additional factor for authentication.

How do I get ZenKey?

ZenKey is currently in Beta phase. The ZenKey app will be available soon through the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Which wireless carriers currently support ZenKey?

AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

What if my wireless carrier doesn’t support ZenKey?

If your carrier doesn’t support ZenKey, then you will be unable to complete setup of the ZenKey app, and you will be unable to use ZenKey to make your online life easier.

Is my personal data shared across carriers?

No personal data is shared between carriers as part of the ordinary operation of ZenKey, either when authenticating users or allowing them to use their carrier data with other third-party services. Customer data transfers, of course, when a customer changes carrier and gives permission for the old carrier to move their ZenKey profile to the new carrier.

Carriers themselves may also be service providers and, as such, can utilize customer data subject to user consent to do so.

What happens if I lose my phone?

If you lose your phone, you should report the loss to your carrier so it can prevent your phone from being misused by another person. If you have enabled strong protections on your phone, like biometrics or a PIN, then it will be difficult for someone else to do anything with your phone. You will configure similar strong protections when initially setting up your ZenKey app.

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