How ZenKey
Integration Works

The ZenKey SDK uses OpenID Connect (OIDC) to make integration easy and to support developers creating experiences in web and native applications.

Mobile App Integration

  1. Your mobile app uses the ZenKey SDK to make an Auth Code request to the ZenKey app.
  2. ZenKey processes the request and the user’s carrier authenticates both SIM and user, returning an Auth Code to your Redirect URL.
  3. Your app then asks your back-end to request the token and access UserInfo.</li>

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Web App Integration

  1. Your web app requests Discovery, and the user’s carrier configuration is returned with a login hint.
  2. Your web app requests Auth Code, passing the login hint. The carrier processes the request, sending a request to the user’s phone for SIM and user authentication. The Auth Code is sent to your Redirect URL.
  3. Your app then asks your back-end to request the token and access UserInfo.

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SIM Tenure API

Your Server does four things:

  1. Makes a discovery call to ZenKey to identify the user’s carrier.
  2. Receives endpoint information for the user’s carrier from ZenKey.
  3. Launches a SIM Tenure API call to carrier with the user’s Sub ID.
  4. Receives a response to your SIM Tenure API call directly from the carrier.

SIM Tenure Docs

Event Alerts

  1. Subscribe to Event Alerts on the ZenKey Developer Portal.
  2. Register an event URI on the developer portal where carriers can post alerts you subscribe to.
  3. Register for at least one or more event types in the Developer portal.
  4. Carrier pushes Event Alerts you subscribed to out to your endpoint as they are generated.

Event Alerts Docs

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