Your digital identity belongs to you.

ZenKey offers improved security when accessing apps and websites that demand the use of a username and password. After registering your identity with ZenKey, the need for a username and password is rendered obsolete. Identity verification is convenient and secure. ZenKey recognizes you based on your registration and with the SIM card in your device. Your identity is secured, and you will get better protection from fraudulent activities. To start, tap the Sign in with ZenKey button for easy and secure access.

Seamless Identity Verification - Scan and go

Your identity is safe with ZenKey. Whether you use your driver’s license or your U.S. passport, once scanned into the ZenKey app, you can use it to identify yourself to the apps and services you use.

ZenKey’s security platform is the safer solution you deserve.


Users and businesses can protect sensitive information and lower their risk of fraud.


Enjoy simplified registration, login, and identity confirmation without multiple usernames and passwords.


Appreciate one-of-a-kind device-based multi-factor authentication using your preferred wireless carrier’s network technology.


Get control over the type of personal information that is shared. Control what you do and do not share.

ZenKey offers greater security and identity protection. Find digital identity freedom and peace of mind with ZenKey.

Frequently asked questions

  • You can download the ZenKey app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

  • You can use ZenKey to register, log in, and make transactions on some of your favorite apps. This includes myAT&T, AT&T TV, AT&T TV Now, DirecTV, My Fios App, LiveXLive, Wholechain and Currently, from AT&T.

  • Download ZenKey Powered by AT&T from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Be sure to check that your device is supported by AT&T. AT&T offers further instruction on their website.

  • Download ZenKey Powered by T-Mobile from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Be sure to check that your device is supported by T-Mobile. T-Mobile offers further instruction on their website.

  • Download ZenKey Powered by Verizon from the Apple App Store or Google Play to your iOS or Android device. The device must have an active Verizon SIM card. Be sure to check that your device is supported by Verizon. Verizon offers further instruction on their website.

  • Your wireless provider will provide the support you need for ZenKey. Visit their support pages to learn more.

    AT&T –

    T-Mobile –

    Verizon –

  • You can reset your PIN using your other recovery methods such as signing in with your mobile account ID and password, entering a recovery code, or using a trusted device to confirm your identity. ZenKey requires two recovery methods to reset your PIN.

  • Please contact your preferred carrier to reset your password:

    T-Mobile – Please call T-Mobile Customer CARE at 1-800-937-8997

  • In addition to your primary phone, ZenKey allows you to link laptops, tablets, and other devices. Set up ZenKey on your primary device, and then go to the Trusted tab, and click Add or +. You can also visit in the browser of your primary device and tap + Device.

    Use your device’s camera to capture the visual code displayed. If you don’t want to allow camera access, enter the numeric code in your ZenKey app manually. After completing either option, the ZenKey app will confirm that your secondary device was added.

    Heads up: Codes expire. If yours expires, generate a new code and try again.

  • Yes. When traveling out of the country and using the network of a roaming partner of your U.S. provider, you can continue to use ZenKey to log in to third-party apps and websites.

  • Yes. Keep in mind that you may be prompted to turn Wi-Fi off during registration.

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