Digital Identity Freedom

Digital Identity is an increasingly critical component of cybersecurity. ZenKey’s Consumer and Access Management offers businesses a secure solution to authenticate users and get real-time fraud detection alerts. 

Easy customer onboarding – onboarding barriers are removed 

Seamless and streamlined customer onboarding, with increased conversion. Any barriers to onboarding are eliminated. 

Multi-faceted security measures

Enhanced security through 2FA/MFA face recognition and biometrics​. 

Relentless fraud detection – for non-stop protection

Detect and prevent fraud with real-time around-the-clock alerts​. 

A single, unified system of information

Break up data silos and have one data source of consumer identity​. 

Easy integration, for a smooth process flow

Fully immerse the technology with your service, whether an app or website, for a seamless process flow. 

Digital identity freedom for the consumer. 

The consumer controls their digital identity, and how and when that data is shared.

ZenKey’s security platform offers layers of protection, eliminates the use of passwords, and provides your business with the peace of mind that comes from knowing customer information is secured.  

ZenKey is powered by the three major US mobile providers

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