Digital Identity Freedom

If you think there’s anything more valuable than your digital identity, think again. Digital Identity is an increasingly critical component of cybersecurity.  


ZenKey’s CIAM offers businesses a highly secure solution to authenticate users and get near real-time fraud detection alerts.  Our scalable solution meets the evolving needs of businesses across verticals, by customizing the layers of protection that align business needs, priorities, and goals. 


Financial Services

Enhance Your KYC

Help protect your financial customers like your business depends on it. Because it does. 

Frequent online banking cyberattacks confirm digital banking transactions have accelerated to unprecedented levels.  

As technologies evolve and pave the way for multiple digital channels for financial services, so do the tactics of cybercriminals. Protecting both individuals and companies in this ever-changing environment requires a unique, next-generation solution that’s designed and built upon non-stop innovation.  

The ZenKey identity proofing security solution helps streamline identity verification and allows your account holders to transact efficiently and without worry. 

Public Sector

Simplify Digital ID Complexity

Privacy and security are priceless. Secure digital identity is a key enabler for efficient eGov services. 

Digital identity risk is at an all-time high. A secure digital identity solution is essential to solving the public sector identity crisis.  

The losses due to cybercrime continue to grow yearly. What’s at risk for the public sector goes far beyond money. For individuals, there’s an emotional toll and a sense of vulnerability that comes from having their personal information compromised. For companies, losing the trust and confidence of their customers is potentially far worse than any monetary consequences.  

With that in mind, ZenKey offers solutions to help protect what individuals and businesses value most, as well as the things you can’t put a price on. 


Highly Secure Patient Identity

It’s time for healthcare administrators to get serious about preventing digital identity crisis. 

Think again if you think there’s anything more valuable to your patients than their digital identity and medical records. 

The digital world has become filled with an ever-growing number of cyber threats and identity theft. Many patients’ medical and identity records have been compromised, putting patients into a position of having to trust entities that don’t necessarily deserve it. 

ZenKey solutions allow healthcare providers to redefine and restore TRUST. To allow your patients to transact online in a highly secure manner. Creating a new paradigm of digital security that puts your patients back in control of their digital identities. 


Efficient Online Check-In

With the integration of digital identity verification, hotels can increase adoption, and help to reduce the risks of fraud and deliver a superior online check-in experience. 

With a rapid increase in credentials theft, establishing a more secure method for verifying guests’ identities becomes inevitable.  

The growing population of digital users in the hospitality industry and the exponential rise in near real-time transactions provide a conducive atmosphere for fraudsters to mix with legitimate consumer traffic without being noticed. 

With ZenKey’s digital identity verification solution, hotels have the option to use a more secure method for verifying guests’ identities. At the same time, the guest experiences an efficient and frictionless online check-in process from end to end. 


Efficient online user onboarding

Digital verification of online users while maintaining a highly secure and frictionless sign-up and sign-in experience.  

In a world that sees increasing numbers of online retail transactions, you need a next-generation identity solution to help secure and verify transactions at the speed of your business.  

Hackers obtain digital identity, account information, and passwords that belong to legitimate online users. Once they get access to the account, they can buy goods with stolen credentials.  

Don’t make things harder for your customers than they need to be. The ZenKey solution allows users to log in to their favorite websites and apps in a highly secure manner – without relying on passwords. 

Online Media

Relentless fraud detection

Utilizing strong digital authentication solutions to help secure card-not-present transactions on your platform.  

The demand for streaming services that include music, movies, and audiobooks continues to see accelerated growth.   

A considerable rise in the number of online streaming provides cover for hackers to commit fraud. Since users are streaming and buying content more than ever before, they might not notice a fraudulent transaction until several months have passed. By the time the fraud is reported, the hacker is long gone and on to the next victim.  

Empower your users to reclaim control of their digital identities. ZenKey offers an identity management solution, powered by your preferred wireless carriers, to stay ahead of cybercriminals.  

ZenKey is powered by the three major US mobile providers

Frequently asked questions

  • ZenKey is a mobile app enabling easy, secure customer identity access management on other apps and online services. Confirm your identity with merchants or service providers, along with your wireless provider. ZenKey offers increased protection from fraud while streamlining the experience.

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