TechTalkTuesday – Authorization

Welcome to #TechTalkTuesday – where tech terms are defined, explained, and no longer a mystery. 

Last week we explored authentication. Today we’re delving into authorization.  

In the world of systems security, authorization is the term that is used to describe the process of providing users permission they are asking for, to access a system, app, website, or a function.  

The term authorization can be seen frequently used interchangeably with both client privilege and access control. Authorization is part of the IT discipline known as identity and access management (IAM). 

Within this discipline, both authentication and authorization are used to assist system managers with controlling who is able to access resources. 

In a secure environment, authentication always precedes authorization. A user must prove that they are who they say that they are before the system, or systems administrators, will provide them with access to the resources, system, app, site, and so on. 


Join us on Friday when we delve into the key differences between authentication and authorization, and how they relate to one another.