3 Reasons Your Registration User Experience (UX) is Hurting Your Conversions

Despite clear research showing that better UX can increase conversion rates by up to 400%, only 55% of all businesses conduct UX testing—that’s an enormous amount of missed opportunity. It’s time for businesses to start taking registration UX seriously.

Registration forms are typically the first action required by your users, and if they don’t experience an easy, trustworthy path to registration, they will leave without registering. Lost opportunity, lost revenue, and a lost cause.

Consider the facts.

1. 86% of people get annoyed when they have to create new accounts on websites. Chances are you’re one of them. New username? That username is taken. New password to remember? Your favorite password doesn’t have enough numbers or special symbols. It’s maddening. And that’s why concentrating on registration UX is so important. You wouldn’t hassle a customer walking into your brick and mortar, so you shouldn’t tick off someone first logging on to your website. Instead, provide a frictionless experience that makes it simple to sign up—for example, wouldn’t it be great to push one button to register with no new username and no new password?

2. 77% of people agree that social logins are a good registration solution. Of course registering with just one button would be great, and that’s why One-Touch Registration (OTR) has taken off. You can sign in to all types of unrelated sites using your social media accounts, free of charge—all you have to do is share your personal information (plus your friends, family, etc.) with this new site and…okay, maybe it’s not exactly free. But the people have spoken: They like the concept of social logins, which is both good and bad news.

3. Social media usage is up 43%...for now. With more people spending time in isolation and online due to COVID-19, social media has seen a slight resurgence. Previously, social media usage has been in decline for quite some time. Facebook privacy concerns, politically charged echo chambers and social engineering hacks are just a few of the reasons people were leaving social media. And once actual social interaction goes back to in-person face time instead of app-based video chats, social media will likely continue to decline. And when that goes, social logins go.

What’s the Solution?

To future-proof and improve your registration UX, instead of social logins, look to a highly secure OTR option that doesn’t rely on the popularity of any given social media site at any point in history—especially when those social media sites have lost consumer confidence through data leaks and privacy concerns.
ZenKey is the easily integrated way to improve your registration UX, reducing friction and increasing your bottom line. And it does so without relying on usernames, passwords, one-time passcodes or any of the other less-secure registration, identification and authentication methods that are out there.

Learn more about the benefits of adding the highly secure ZenKey OTR button to your app or website today.

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