Strong Authentication

Supports NIST AAL1 and AAL3

Service providers need to ensure a secure login solution for each user accessing their website or app. ZenKey’s authentication solution supports NIST AAL1 and AAL3, and offers highly secure identity management tools, using security technology provided by the three major U.S. wireless carriers.

ZenKey offers one login and one digital identity for users to unlock the door to the services on your digital platform. Our advanced authentication establishes a secure registration, login, and authorization to protect against fraud.


ZenKey offers three strong authentication service categories.


Skip lengthy online forms and quickly create accounts on websites and apps that use ZenKey. We use unique network technology to secure your digital identity.

Accounts created on apps and websites using our attribute sharing feature allow:

  • Registration without forms.
  • Control over which attributes are shared.
  • Carriers to provide attributes to websites and apps.


ZenKey authentication allows users to securely log in to their favorite websites and apps – without passwords.

ZenKey users can sign into their existing accounts by simply tapping the green Log in with ZenKey button on any app or website that offers ZenKey.


With ZenKey authorization, businesses can make transactions highly secure by confirming the end user identity in real-time with a simple tap on the end-user’s mobile device.

  • High-value transactions can be set up for confirmation challenge.
  • Get peace of mind knowing that their online transactions are secure.


Protect sensitive data and reduce the risk of fraud.

Secure Digital Identity

Offer account registration, login and transaction confirmation without usernames or passwords

Consumer Confidence

ZenKey-enabled apps and websites put your users in control of what they share.

Carriers Network Advantage

ZenKey has access to wireless network signals exclusive to AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

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