About Us

CIAM solution powered by your preferred wireless carrier.

At ZenKey we believe in the power of innovation. As leaders in the digital identity, security and fraud protection world, we are focused on ensuring a safer tomorrow for all.

ZenKey came into being as the result of a collaboration between the three major wireless carriers in the U.S. with the goal to build a more secure, multifactor identity authentication platform.

We are driven by the spirit of evolution, the appeal of industry disruption, and the fun of creativity. We aim to stay on the leading edge of secure technological advancements in authentication and digital identity verification.

Our values


Count on us to take the ethical direction, each step of the way.


Our solutions work the way we build them to. We offer support when you need it.


Your ID and data are safe. We engage every security precaution to shield you from risk.


Digital innovation is in our DNA. We tirelessly pursue the next solution.


Our word is our promise to you. We back our claims with impeccable results and service.


We believe in transparency. The steps we take and the solutions we innovate integrate clarity and truthfulness.

Our Leadership

Alex Schlager

Chief Executive Officer

With a foundation in computer science, telecom, and cyber security, Alexander Schlager forges the path forward for digital identity protection, as CEO of ZenKey.

Greg Hill

Chief Commercial Officer

As Chief Commercial Officer Greg provides leadership for a cross-functional team that deftly navigates the identification and digital security industry.

Patrick Kelly

Vice President of Sales

Patrick brings more than two decades of sales leadership and a strong track record of revenue growth, with a focus on emerging technologies and biometrics.

Derek Shoffner

Vice President of People

With a proven track record as an HR leader for several technology-based organizations, Derek is the Vice President of People.

Avi Elkoni

Chief Product Officer

With over 25 years of experience in software products, Avi leads Zenkey’s product strategy and execution.