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ZenKey gives you a fast and safe way to register for apps and websites. It also makes sure that the device you’re using matches the device info you registered with your wireless carrier. This helps to secure your logins and transactions.

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ZenKey is brought to you by your preferred carrier

ZenKey at a Glance

Your wireless phone carrier has identifying data that can help keep you safe from fraud. Why not use it? You can even choose what information you want to share —ZenKey does the rest.

  • Registration

    Skip online forms to quickly create accounts on websites and apps that use ZenKey.

  • Login

    Tap your screen to securely log in to your favorite websites and apps—without passwords.

  • Confirmation

    No more searching for secret text or email codes. Just tap your phone to confirm that you initiated the activity requested.

What Apps and Websites Support ZenKey?

App Features and Security Tools

  • Control

    what personal information you share with apps and websites

  • Manage

    your connected apps and websites easily in one place

  • Add

    secondary devices to your ZenKey account by scanning a QR code

  • Track

    and monitor every authorization on your account in real time

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App Features and Security Tools